Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have joined facebook and it is an interesting life experience. There are so many people that I've lost touch with in Seattle and within a few minutes I am back in touch with them. I like that a lot. Also, the instant reconnection with those from my high school has been a joyful surprise.

Leaving Harrisburg PA was a good thing for me. I left a year after high school and did not return until I was nearly 40. That was also a really good thing for me! Harrisburg holds a lot of painful memories but over the years I've healed and seeing old friends from school has been great. If you told me in while I was in school that one of the biggest jocks in my class would grow up to be a clown...a white-faced, rainbow-wigged clown, I would have said IMPOSSIBLE!

But life is full of servings of impossible pie.

Facebook can be a bit addictive...checking to see who is checking you out and what they are writing. It is fun! Like being at a virtual party! But like any party, there are always those people who you might not want to see or those who don't want to see you! There is a quiet humilation about Facebook that happens when you ask someone to be your friend and they ignore you. Just like a party! Good times!

What has been good about has been feeling connected. I have many soul-sisters on this planet and we are all reconnected again....well, most of us.

As I reconnect with the world, I am transported back to emotions I've felt in the past and now is a good time to heal those old wounds and to reexamine past predijuices. In high school I had so many hang-ups and insecurities...some which last until very recently! So it is good to look at them and move on!

On another note, I've added a good friend of mine's blog on here. He's just been diagnosed with leukemia and is in treatment and has a good prognosis. If you have a second to stop by his blog and give him some good vibes.

So much love,
All the way from over here...


Mickey said...

I will definitely check him. And I am very glad to have you on facebook with me ma, now you can spy.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I left for almost 20 years and ended up back here. I really could not list a single reason as to why. Maybe it is habit ... maybe it is like old shoes you don't even really like - your just used to them.