Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dropping like Flies

Smoking Jew was fired today. He is a good customer always arriving right before 10 AM after the hour and half long train ride from Connecticut. Sometimes his wife (who was fired about 6 months ago) comes with him just to visit friends in the city. She doesn't smoke but tolerates his nicotine addiction. They both were in software sales on Wall Street and love the coffee at the cupcake shop. I have to agree, it's pretty good coffee.

He was pretty pissed off as I poured his last cup. Smoking Jew said he got a lead on a contract job from Deutch Bank , the one next to Trump Tower on Wall Street, but with his wife out for so long and now this, he doesn't know how long he will be able to make it. He has been cutting back on his spending for months...except for his daily cup or two of coffee ($2/per cup).

I gave him a Brownie cupcake, his favorite and told him there would always be a cupcake available for him here at the shop. He gave me a fake enthusiastic toothy grin with his spreading, nicotine stained yellow teeth showing. Too bad he didn't take advantage of his dental plan while he had the chance. I wanted to tell him to stop by his dentist for a cleaning before his next interview, but Smoking Jew knows what he is doing. He's been down this road before. Jobs come and go.

As he put cream and sugar in his drink I told him that we were expanding and hiring aggressively and with his sales background, I am sure he'd be a natural at selling cupcakes. He glared at me under his over-grown black eyebrows shooting me a vibe that said, "You are NOT helping!"

Hey, I never thought I'd be running a cupcakes either, brother.

Smoking Jew went outside with his coffee to smoke his last cigarette in front of my store, careful to not to exhale the toxic gray smoke near the open front door.

Poor guy.

Smoke away sweet little Jew...smoke away.

So much love,
All the way from over here...