Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here's what I know for sure....

Here is some stuff I know about myself, for sure:
  • I am a morning person
  • I love coffee
  • Moisturizing makes me feel better
  • I require a lot of water and love drinking it
  • Daily movement keeps my soul alive
  • Schloop always brings bliss.  So do avocados.
  • Each day reequires quiet meditation for optimal happiness
  • Acupuncture always works on my nervous system
  • I never put a knife (except butter knives) into a dish washer
  • I snore
  • Music is my first language
  • I am unlike most people
  • And I am exactly like everybody else
Some days you gotta write down stuff or else you might forget. I almost forgot some of those things...

So much love,
All the way
From over here,

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