Monday, April 4, 2011


I just realized that I was not having any more fun.  I know...kinda late in the game, but I might not have mentioned...I appear very smart but I'm not really a smarty-pants. I mean, I'm not having fun in life and that wasn't the agreement that I made with planet Earth.  See, I was having a good time with life and then it all stopped.  I stopped having fun and that is now what I signed up for during this lifetime.

I had an incredible experience in 1995 or 1996.  I really don't remember the exact date and if Quincy was here with a corpse dating back to that timeline, then maybe we'd have an hour-long episode but for now it's just you and me and there ain't no Quincy around so ahead we the point.....

During 1995-96, Karen Sevenoff and I headed onto a road-trip inspired by a glance then a nod at the fountain at an obscure park off of Broadway in Seattle Washington.  This park is on Pike or Pine  and Broadway, (or sometimes I call that area "Pink and Broadway because I can never remember which one is which), so if anyone one reading this who knows that park's name could email that to me, well...that would be super swell.

Karen and I were sitting in the grass at the edge of the fountain and we looked at each other, and I swear I felt the ground move like a 10.0 I never knew the sunrise until this exact RIGHT FUCKING NOW, WE GOTTA GO, SISTER! Kinda energy.  Okay?Crazy, NOW, urgent energy!

That look was all it took and from that glance we stood up and left quickly from that park and headed to the car.  First stop was Karen's beautiful Pioneer Square apartment.  We took a few things from her place and High-Tailed it out of Seattle Washington onto a road-trip that was beyond belief.  I am certain many parts of this tale will be hard to believe but we were guided from above.  For 7 days I drove in a spiral through the southwest.  The first day we traveled 1000 miles in less than 24 hours and the stars parted and the Universe spoke to us in ways that I have never experienced before.

At that time, in the 1994 blue Jetta, I discovered that we are (indeed!) on a Vacation Planet.  This atmosphere, ambiance and environment are here for our pleasure and we have been wasting our time in illusionary battles.  There is no way up some cosmic or corporate ladder.  There is no uphill battle.  The time is now. We are here to have FUN!  Listen up,ego.  Time to lay down the drum of competition and judgement.  Now is the time for witnessing the planet we are on!

This is the message that I continue to receive and it is one of hope, beauty and bliss.  I feel I should warn you, like an apology, but I am sorry to report that my vision of the future is absolutely beautiful!

Don't believe me?  Take a look around you.

Do you notice something lovely?  A kitty perhaps, or a sandwich, or beverage, or pillow, or bracelet, or something that makes you gaze upon and feel good?

NOTE: I realize that this is a purely physical and superficial response to the beauty that surrounds us, but how do you expect anyone to reach a quantum level of cellular appreciation without witnessing and appreciating the superficial, cellular physical being in front of you?  So I kindly ask...please hold your judgements onto the physical, superficial beauty of life until the end of the program.  Thank you very much....

But let us agree that there is something within your gaze that you look upon that makes you feel good.  For me, right now, it is the four flickering flames of the scented candles that I bought for myself the other day.  Their rounded glass holders in a diamond formation with the lavender and midnight blue wax calm my spirit and soothe my soul.

My point is that be it a human being or kitty or puppy or scented or whatever, it is possible to fixate our gaze onto an object or thought or memory of something that feels better than the sadness of life and its consequences.

Spirit spoke to me and said, "Linda, you are on a vacation planet.  Look all around you.  See the beauty in everything and then glory in all that is."  And I said, "You are fucking crazy."  And spirit said, "Nu-huh." And I went, "Uh-huh" and it went on like that for a long time, like 700 miles or so, but at some point before 1000 miles, I realized that Spirit wasn't kidding; that beauty WAS all around us and that I was at that exact moment surrounded by beauty.  It was my job to witness BEAUTY all around me.  And then Spirit said, "Remember, dear one, you are on a vacation planet and you are on a 'Working Vacation'. Okay?" I agreed, "Okay." And clearly remember thinking to myself that I was indeed on a vacation planet and all chores are of my doing.

So I have approached my career since that time as a "Working Vacation" and when I am not feeling that way, then I know that it is time for me to move into another direction.

What does all that mean?  Means I need to take a break and see what all that means, is what it means, Mister!

And that is where we realizing that we are indeed on a vacation planet and I do know what one of those is and I'm happy to tell you all about that tale but maybe tomorrow because I gotta heed cold and am tired and my nose is stuffed up and I gotta headache and my body aches ad I wanna rest right now but I do really want to tell you what I'm understanding...but maybe it will happen tomorrow or the next day, but one day soon.  Okay?

So much love
All the way from over here....